List of Madonna's Tours

This is the list of all Madonna's Tours. Bedtime Stories doesn't have a promotional tour neither a concert tour.

Concert tours

1. The Virgin Tour (1985) Promoting: Madonna and Like A Virgin

2. Who's That Girl World Tour (1987) Promoting: True Blue and Who's That Girl

3. Blond Ambition World Tour (1990) Promoting: Like A Prayer and I'm Breathless

4.The Girlie Show World Tour (1993) Promoting: Erotica

5. Drowned World Tour (2001) Promoting: Ray of Light and Music

6. Re-Invention World Tour (2004) Promoting: American Life

7. The Confessions Tour (2006) Promoting: Confessions On A Dance Floor

8. Sticky & Sweet Tour (2008-2009) Promoting: Hard Candy

9. Madonna World Tour (2012) Promoting: MDNA

10. Rebel Heart Tour (2015 - 2016) Promoting: Rebel Heart

11. Madame X Tour (2019 - 2020) Promoting: Madame X (album)

Promotinal tours

1. Music Promo Tour (Sept. 4 1999)

2. American Life Promo Tour (Sept. 18 2002)

3. Hung Up Promo Tour (Jan. 4 2005)

4. Hard Candy Promo Tour (Dec. 7 2007)


1. Truth or Dare (In Bed With Madonna) About The Blond Ambition Tour

2. I'm Going to Tell You a Secret About The Re-Invention Tour

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