Madame X Tour
Year(s) 2019-2020
Legs 2
Dates 90
For Madame X Logo
Rebel Heart Tour -

The Madame X Tour is the eleventh concert tour by American recording artist Madonna, launched in support of her fourteenth studio album Madame X. An all-theatre, show it began with 16 shows in the Howard Gilman Opera House in New York City on September 17, and will conclude on March 8 2020 at Le Grand Rex in Paris.

Set list

Act I

1. God Control
2. Dark Ballet
3. Human Nature
4. Express Yourself

Act II

Papa Don't Preach (string intro) / Madame X Manifesto (Interlude)
5. Vogue
6. I Don't Search I Find
7. Papa Don't Preach
8. American Life


The Coffin (Interlude)
9. Batuka
10. Fado Pechincha (Cover - performed with Gaspar Varela)
11. Killers Who Are Partying
12. Crazy
13. La Isla Bonita (contains elements from Welcome to My Fado Club)
14. Sodade (Cover)
15. Medellín
16. Extreme Occident

Act IV

Resuce Me (Video - interlude)
17. Frozen
18. Come Alive
19. Future

Act V

20. Crave (Tracy Young remix)
21. Like a Prayer


22. I Rise
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