Re-Invention World Tour

The Re-Invention World Tour is the sixth tour by American singer.songwriter Madonna. It began in May 24, 2004 and it ended in September 14, 2004.
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Re-Invention World Tour
Year(s) 2004
Legs 2
Dates 56
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The Re-Invention World Tour was the sixth concert tour by American singer-songwriter Madonna. It supported her ninth studio album American Life and visited North America and Europe.


The Re-Invention World Tour was Madonna's sixth concert tour in support of her ninth studio album American Life. In 2003, Madonna collaborated with photographer Steven Klein for an art installation project called X-STaTIC Pro=CeSS. The installation portrayed Madonna in different incarnations of her spiritual practices – from yogi, prophet, queen to freak and pole dancer. The publication was a worldwide success, leading to a number of exhibitions in New York, London, Paris, Düsseldorf, Berlin and Florence. After the exhibition was over, Madonna was inspired by the images from the exhibitions and decided to incorporate them into her then unplanned tour and asked Klein to help her with the task. The poster released for the tour used one of the images from the installation project. It featured Madonna in a seventeenth century style dress, crawling on all fours towards the camera.

The main intention of the tour was to transform Madonna's old hits musically and display her capacity for transformation and self-reflection. The tour was initially known as the Whore of Babylon World Tour, although Madonna later denied using this name. The idea was to portray Madonna as the Whore of Babylon, the figure of evil as mentioned in the Book of Revelation. However it was later changed to the Re-Invention World Tour, to make it a self-confident dig at all the critics and people who have expressed their views about Madonna re-inventing her image over the years. The official tour poster displayed Madonna in a vintage bolero gown and a large French Renaissance-like hair-bun. Air-conditioning was turned off during the tour on Madonna's request as she claimed it dried up her throat during singing.


I Love New York Fresno

Madonna was supposed to debut "I Love New York" in a different version for the tour, but it was remade for Confessions on a Dance Floor.

During the rehearsals of the tour, the show rehearsals would start with I'm So Stupid and Dress You Up. But they were later dropped from the show. Other songs taken out from the initial set list include Love Profusion, Swim, Live to Tell and Take a Bow. The opening song for the show was decided as Vogue for a long time, until Madonna decided to use "The Beast Within" as the opener. The finale of the show was decided to be Holiday rather than Die Another Day with Imagine being added to the setlist. Two new tracks rehearsed for the show included Devil Wouldn't Recognize You and I Love New York. I Love New York was then remade as a dance track for her tenth studio album Confessions on a Dance Floor, while Devil Wouldn't Recognize You was included in her eleventh studio album Hard Candy. Ray of Light was also rehearsed during the initial phases, but Madonna later decided to eliminate it, as performing the song at the beginning of the show would hurt her voice beforehand. Finally twenty-four of the thirty rehearsed songs ended up on being the official setlist for the show.

The costumes for the tour were created by designer Arianne Phillips. Before the show started, USA Today reported that Madonna will be making five costume changes in the tour. Phillips commented that since Madonna was revisiting her old songs for this tour, hence that was the main philosophy and inspiration behind designing the costumes. However she also noted that "Madonna has always pooh-poohed the concept of reinvention and doesn't strategize or premeditate her new look in a boardroom, so this is the greatest ironic statement of all." The T-shirts were designed by Jean-Paul Gaultierand the shoes used were provided by clothing line hosiery Miu Miu. The opening dress was created by French designer Christian Lacroix and incorporated the baroque look. The second part of the displayed military themed outfits inspired from the American Life album and designed by Phillips. The third ensemble emphasized on the emotional point of the show and hence the costumes were quieter and displayed thesilhouettes of the performers. The costumes of this segment were designed by Stella McCartney. Phase four costumes, inspired by the carnivals, were designed by Chanel. The final segment of the tour displayed traditional dresses. Other than these, Madonna wore corsets during the first segment.



Madonna and her dancers during the perfomance of "Vogue" as the opening song of the show.

Act I: French Baroque-Marie Antoinette Revival
1. The Beast Within (Video Introduction) 
2. Vogue
3. Nobody Knows Me
4. Frozen

Act II: Army-Navy
5. American Life
6. Express Yourself
7. Burning Up
8. Material Girl

Act III: Circus-Cabaret
Hollywood (Remix) (Dancer/Video Interlude)
9. Hanky Panky
10. Deeper and Deeper
11. Die Another Day
12. Lament
13. Bedtime Story (Remix) (Dancer/Video Interlude)

Act IV: Acoustic
14. Nothing Fails
15. Don't Tell Me
16. Like a Prayer
17. Mother and Father (contains elements of "Intervention")
18. Imagine (Cover)

Act V (Final): Scottish-Tribal
19. Into the Groove (contains elements of "Susan MacLeod" and "Hollywood")
20. Papa Don't Preach
21. Crazy for You
22. Music (contains elements of "Into the Groove")
23. Holiday (contains elements of "She Wants to Move")


Madonna had present 56 concerts in 20 cities in seven countries, it began on May 24, 2004 and ended on September 14 of that year.

Date City Country Venue Attendance Revenue
North America
May 24, 2004 Los Angeles United States The Forum 43,158 / 43,158 $6,965,055
May 26, 2004[a]
May 27, 2004
May 29, 2004 Las Vegas MGM Grand Garden Arena 28,341 / 28,341 $7,005,548
May 30, 2004
June 2, 2004 Anaheim Arrowhead Pond 24,250 / 24,250 $4,164,450
June 3, 2004
June 6, 2004 San Jose HP Pavilion at San Jose 40,205 / 40,205 $5,543,715
June 8, 2004
June 9, 2004
June 13, 2004 Washington, D.C. MCI Center 26,788 / 26,788 $3,486,684
June 14, 2004
June 16, 2004 New York City Madison Square Garden 88,625 / 88,625 $12,674,925
June 17, 2004
June 20, 2004
June 21, 2004
June 23, 2004
June 24, 2004
June 27, 2004 Worcester Worcester's Centrum Centre 46,075 / 46,075 $6,439,890
June 28, 2004
June 30, 2004
July 1, 2004
July 4, 2004 Philadelphia Wachovia Center 30,575 / 30,575 $4,134,478
July 5, 2004
July 7, 2004 East Rutherford Continental Airlines Arena 29,315 / 29,315 $4,437,345
July 8, 2004
July 11, 2004 Chicago United Center 59,591 / 59,591 $7,894,105
July 12, 2004
July 14, 2004
July 15, 2004
July 18, 2004 Toronto Canada Air Canada Centre 52,160 / 52,160 $5,332,703
July 19, 2004
July 21, 2004
July 24, 2004 Atlanta United States Philips Arena 25,627 / 25,627 $3,450,874
July 25, 2004
July 28, 2004 Fort Lauderdale Office Depot Center 28,208 / 28,208 $3,834,522
July 29, 2004
August 1, 2004 Miami American Airlines Arena 30,580 / 30,580 $4,145,760
August 2, 2004
August 14, 2004 Manchester England Manchester Evening News Arena 27,320 / 27,320 $5,136,114
August 15, 2004
August 18, 2004 London Earls Court 34,087 / 34,087 $6,356,207
August 19, 2004
August 22, 2004 Wembley Arena 45,267 / 45,267 $9,809,717
August 23, 2004
August 25, 2004
August 26, 2004
August 29, 2004 Slane Ireland Slane Castle 62,275 / 70,000 $6,575,339
September 1, 2004 Paris France Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy 68,000 / 68,000 $7,357,529
September 2, 2004
September 4, 2004
September 5, 2004
September 8, 2004 Arnhem Netherlands GelreDome 73,300 / 73,300 $6,759,661
September 9, 2004
September 13, 2004 Lisbon Portugal Pavilhão Atlântico 33,460 / 33,460 $3,286,166
September 14, 2004
Total 896,787 / 904,512 $124,790,787
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