Madonna, Secret single cover
Released September 28, 1994
Length 5:03
Writer(s) Madonna
Dallas Austin
Shep Pettibone
Producer(s) Madonna
Dallas Austin

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I'd Rather Be Your Lover
"Secret" is the first single off Madonna's sixth studio album Bedtime Stories.


It is known that the first compositions of this song came from Shep Pettibone with a much more similar to the album Erotica sound and Madonna came to record a demo then called "Something's Coming Over Me". Nevertheless Madonna decided to give the song a few more like funk and R & B sounds, touches, so he dispensed with the collaboration of Pettibone, continuing the project of this song in company of Austin. The phrase that occurred as first title became the refrain of the final version, calling it then "Secret". However Shep Pettibone was not named in the credits of the album Bedtime Stories, although the phrase: "Thank you for understanding" I can understand that is aimed at Pettibone.


The song begins with just the sound of Madonna's voice singing over a rhythmic, folksy guitar in descending chord sequence, before opening up to a sparse, retro rhythm section. A deep percussion starts around the one minute mark, accompanied by wah-wah ascending string line, supporting the descending guitar. Towards the end an upper harmonic melody is added to display variance.

Music Video

Music Video Information
Madonna - Secret (Video)

Madonna - Secret (Video)

Released October 4, 1994
Length 4:34
Director Melodie McDaniel
Production Co Tim Harbert
Choreographer N/A
Filmed September 9, 1994
Location Lenox Lounge
VEVO views 8 Million Views


Things haven't been the same
Since you came into my life
You found a way to touch my soul
And I'm never, ever, ever gonna let it go

Happiness lies in your own hand
It took me much too long to understand
How it could be
Until you shared your secret with me

Something's comin' over, mmm mmm
Something's comin' over, mmm mmm
Something's comin' over me
My baby's got a secret

You gave me back the paradise
That I thought I lost for good
You helped me find the reasons why
It took me by surprise that you understood
You knew all along
What I never wanted to say
Until I learned to love myself
I was never ever lovin' anybody else

Mmm mmm, my baby's got a secret
Mmm mmm, my baby's got a secret
Mmm mmm, my baby's got a secret for me

Mmm mmm, mmm mmm, mmm mmm

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