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"Sooner or Later"
Length 3:20
Writer(s) Stephen Sondheim
Producer(s) Madonna
Bill Bottrell

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He's a Man
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Hanky Panky

"Sooner or Later" is a song by Madonna from her second sound track album I'm Breathless for the movie Dick Tracy.


"Sooner or Later" was composed to evoke the theatrical nature and style of the film. Reviewers deemed it as an important addition to Madonna's music catalog.


The song is a 1930s jazz ballad with comping piano, brushed drum sounds, double bass and horns. Conjuring the atmosphere of a smoky nightclub, the song finds Madonna in her lowest range as the melody shifts continuously.


Sooner or later you're gonna be mine
Sooner or later you're gonna be fine
Baby, it's time that you face it
I always get my man

Sooner or later you're gonna decide
Sooner or later there's nowhere to hide
Baby, it's time, so why waste it in chatter?
Let's settle the matter

Baby, you're mine on a platter
I always get my man

But if you insist, babe, the challenge delights me
The more you resist, babe, the more it excites me
And no one I've kissed, babe, ever fights me again
If you're on my list, it's just a question of when

When I get a yen, then baby, Amen
I'm counting to ten, and then...

I'm gonna love you like nothing you've known
I'm gonna love you, and you all alone
Sooner is better than later but lover
I'll hover, I'll plan

This time I'm not only getting
I'm holding my man

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