The Girlie Show World Tour
Year(s) 1993
Legs 6
Dates 39
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Blond Ambition World Tour Drowned World Tour

The Girlie Show World Tour is the fourth tour by Madonna. It promoted her fifth studio album Erotica. A documentary about the tour titled Truth or Dare (In Bed With Madonna) was released later.


The Girlie Show was based on her criticized album, Erotica. The show had a so-called visual theme "Circus Burlesque." The singer said it was "a mixture of a rock concert, a fashion show, a presentation of circus, a cabaret act and burlesque". She also had a complex visual style and a more introspective concept and theme most obvious and serious, showing different forms parts of the show. Madonna explored the sexual theme, as he had done in her album.

The show had a more complex than previous tours Madonna stage. She had a walkway leading to a smaller stage, several elevators, elevating platforms behind three-set, and a turntable in the middle of the main stage.

The scenery required 24 hours to be mounted and armed was directed by Madonna's brother, Christopher Ciccone.

At first, The Girlie Show was a thoughtful tour only to tour Australia and Japan, but in the process it was decided that it would cross four continents, resulting in Madonna visiting countries that had not been visited on previous tours, marking her first touring visit in Australia, South and Central America, and the Middle East.

The song "Bad Girl" was to be played during this tour, but for unknown reasons ended up being replaced by "In This Life".

It was rumored that Madonna manipulated particular concert dates in the US and Canada because this time the presentations were small compared with their previous tours; according to her admirers, that an interpretation under Erotica album sales and her book was due Sex.


Act 1: Dominatrix

1. Introduction / "The Girlie Show Theme
2. Erotica (Kenlou B-Boy Remix)
3. Fever (One Remix Edit)
4. Vogue
5. Rain (Radio Remix) (contains excerpts from "Just My Imagination" with elements of "Singing in the Rain")

Act 2: Studio 54

6. Express Yourself
7. Deeper and Deeper (David's Klub Mix) (it contains excerpts from "It Takes Two" and "Love to Love You Baby")
8. Why's It So Hard
9. In This Life

Act 3: Weimar Cabaret

10. The Beast Within (Dance Interlude)
11. Like a Virgin (contains excerpts from ":Falling in Love Again")
12. Bye Bye Baby
13. I'm Going Bananas
14. La Isla Bonita


15. Holiday (contains excerpts from "Holiday for Calliope")
16. Justify My Love (William Orbit Mix)
17. "Everybody Is a Star" / Everybody (contains elements of "Dance to the Music" and "After the Dance")


List of concerts, showing date, city, country, venue, tickets sold, and gross revenue
Date City Country Venue Attendance Revenue
September 25, 1993 London England Wembley Stadium 144,000 N/A
September 26, 1993
September 28, 1993 Paris France Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy N/A N/A
September 29, 1993
October 1, 1993
October 4, 1993 Tel Aviv Israel Hayarkon Park 80,000 N/A
October 7, 1993 Istanbul Turkey İnönü Stadium 54,000 N/A
North America
October 11, 1993 Toronto Canada SkyDome 50,880 $1,495,000
October 12, 1993
October 14, 1993 New York City United States Madison Square Garden 43,353 $2,020,000
October 15, 1993
October 17, 1993
October 19, 1993 Philadelphia The Spectrum 13,810 $500,280
October 21, 1993 Auburn Hills The Palace of Auburn Hills 15,705 $600,355
October 23, 1993 Montreal Canada Olympic Stadium 53,000[12] N/A
October 26, 1993 Bayamón Puerto Rico Juan Ramón Loubriel Stadium N/A N/A
South America
October 30, 1993 Buenos Aires Argentina River Plate Stadium 120,000 N/A
October 31, 1993
November 3, 1993 São Paulo Brazil Estádio do Morumbi 86,000 N/A
November 6, 1993 Rio de Janeiro Estádio do Maracanã 120,000 N/A
North America
November 10, 1993 Mexico City Mexico Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez 137,234 $8,927,703
November 12, 1993
November 13, 1993
November 19, 1993 Sydney Australia Sydney Cricket Ground 45,000[17] N/A
November 24, 1993 Brisbane ANZ Stadium N/A N/A
November 26, 1993 Melbourne Melbourne Cricket Ground 147,241[18] N/A
November 27, 1993
November 29, 1993
December 1, 1993 Adelaide Adelaide Oval 40,000 N/A
December 3, 1993 Sydney Sydney Cricket Ground 90,000 N/A
December 4, 1993
December 7, 1993 Fukuoka Japan Fukuoka Dome N/A N/A
December 8, 1993
December 9, 1993
December 13, 1993 Tokyo Tokyo Dome N/A N/A
December 14, 1993
December 16, 1993
December 17, 1993
December 19, 1993
Total 1,240,223 $13,543,338