The Next Best Thing

The Next Best Thing is a 2000 American comedy-drama film, the final film directed by John Schlesinger. It stars Madonna, Rupert Everett, and Benjamin Bratt. It was a critical and commercial failure.


Abbie (Madonna) and Robert (Rupert Everett) are very good friends, many years ago. The couple would be ideal if it weren't for the fact that Robert is gay. But a night of drinks they have sex and she becomes pregnant. Abbie and Robert decided to face this new situation by sharing home as a traditional family, but without joining legally. This particular way of being parents is going very well until his son is serving a six-year. When Abbie is then begins to date with a man. For Robert this is an intrusion into their lives. Because nothing will be as before.


  • Madonna as Abbie Reynolds
  • Rupert Everett as Robert Whittaker
  • Benjamin Bratt as Ben Cooper
  • Michael Vartan as Kevin Lasater
  • Josef Sommer as Richard Whittaker
  • Lynn Redgrave as Helen Whittaker
  • Malcolm Stumpf as Sam
  • Neil Patrick Harris as David
  • Illeana Douglas as Elizabeth Ryder
  • Mark Valley as Cardiologist
  • Suzanne Krull as Annabel
  • Stacy Edwards as Finn
  • William Mesnik as Ashley
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